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'Missing Chapter' of their Coaching Training.
Paul Healey: Group Coaching Academy
As a coach or trainer, you studied hard to learn the art of being great at what you do.

But, being great at what you do isn't enough, is it?
You also need to be great at getting new clients.

That's where marketing comes in.

Marketing: the missing chapter of your coaching training.

And without that missing chapters, all other chapters are irrelevant. 
After all, what is the point in being a great coach or trainer if you have no one to coach or train?

Now is the time to start putting that right.
Let us show you how to build simple marketing systems that bring in a steady supply of new clients. 

Then, let's show you how to coach those clients in a group environment so that you can increase your impact and increase your income, without burning yourself out. 

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